Georgetown University Forum Interview

In the Fall of 2007, Greg and his mother, Helen, were interview on NPR for the “Georgetown University Forum” by Lillian Brown.  Lillian is a widely renowned image consultant and make-up artist serving every President of The United States since President Kennedy.


This interview was presented in the American Armed Forces Radio Network and National Public Radio.

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Catholic Priest Fr. James Lee Thesis on the Ethical Aspects of Right to Work Laws.

This Ph. D. thesis was written by a Catholic Priest, Fr. James Lee, at the Catholic University of America.

His thesis advisor was Monsignor George G. Higgins, who was known as America,s Labor Priest.


PDF_20140321112754 – Copy.compressed

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Christian Coalition flyer on Right to Work from the 2001 RTW Election in Oklahoma.



Right to Work

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Thesis: “Wal-Mart Selling out American Workers”

wal-mart selling out

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Loneliness is a Public Health Crisis, Senator Lankford

Oklahoma Senator James Lankford, in his recently published ‘study’ of government waste
entitled Federal Fumbles pokes fun at a study of ‘Senior Dating’ . “Understanding Age ­related
Changes in Relationship Maintenance Strategies” is the name of the research which was funded by the National Science Foundation for around $375,000. It is a 3 year project. Lankford
calls it 3 years of playing ‘date ­doctor’ for senior adults. He also refers to the NSF research as “federal for seniors”. Cute.
The NSF, in defense of itself, states “The health and welfare of adults is a huge economic concern for our country. There is evidence that loneliness in elderly individuals is linked to chronic disease and mortality.” indeed, Time magazine in March of 2015, said this “Loneliness
kills. That’s the conclusion of a new study by Brigham Young University researchers who say that they are sounding the alarm on what could be the next big public health issue, on part with obesity and substance abuse. The subjective feeling of loneliness increases through risk of death by 26%.

Just this week a man in Cordell, Oklahoma, widower Michael Ray Beach was allegedly murdered by a woman he met on craigslist after he “became lonely after his wife of nearly 40 years died in 2014.”

In summary, loneliness which is especially prevalent in senior citizens is a real problem. Helping
someone to find a companion is a worthy cause, and not something to be joked about.

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NTIS is a valuable resource

Response to the Proposed Let Me Google That For You Act


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Our home at 6th and Willey – Custer City, Oklahoma

Custer CityWe totally restored this house – the Evans Estate – in Custer City. Built and painted the fence also.

Sadly, it burned to the ground 6 months after we sold it.

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